In early September, Brinter will be showcased as a promising new innovation at the LSX Nordic Congress’ “The network for life science executive leaders” 2020 virtual event. Brinter will also be available for virtual meetings during the congress, as we are seeking suitable partners for growth, expanded internationalization and the development of new 3D Bioprinting products.

The virtual event provides an opportunity for private and public biotech, medtech and healthtech executives to engage with regional and global stakeholders. If you are registered to attend the event, be sure to book a meeting with Brinter. If you will not be attending the congress, please use our contact form to arrange a separate one-on-one meeting.

The LSX Biotech Investment Virtual Congress will take place from 1-5 September 2020. Collaboration will be fostered through live chat breakouts on specific themes, which will serve as platforms for smaller private video calls or group chats. Some of the best ideas and teamwork come from chance discussions like these, so be sure to join live chats that are relevant to your area of interest. The live chat is enabled across all content and company booths, meaning you can engage with anyone at any time.

We welcome you to take a closer look at what Brinter has to offer, and hope to see you at the virtual event!