Brinter® – 3D BioPrinter

A modular bioprinter platform offering variable printing modalities in a single printing platform



Brinter® – 3D BioPrinter reads in data from a CAD model (.STL format) and utilizes the layer-by-layer method to deposit bioink, i.e., the mixture of cells, supporting matrix material, and nutrients, to create tissue-like constructs. Tools not included.


  • Modular concept (PATENT PENDING):
    • Easy change dispensing tool.
    • Cost-effective for future dispensing head application updates without the need to purchase a new printer.
    • Possibility to integrate 3rd party applications on request.
    • Possibility to upgrade from desktop to mass production use.
  • Automatic dispensing head change tool enabling printing of different materials in the same construct:
    • Low to high viscosity liquid materials (dispensed via syringe air pressure + cavity pump).
    • Low viscosity liquid materials (dispensed via syringe air pressure + valve).
    • Low to medium viscosity materials (dispensed via syringe air pressure).
    • Other dispensing heads possible according to customer requirements.
  • Automatic calibration system for the dispensing head (PATENT PENDING).
  • Optional heating and cooling function for the dispensing heads.
  • Dispensing heads compatible with standard Luer lock syringes and needles.
  • Axis movement area (XYZ) of Brinter® 1 = 300 x 300 x 100 mm.
  • Optional heating and cooling of the print bed.
  • Camera for online process view.
  • Germicidal and Photocuring LEDs.


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