MicroDroplet Tool Heated

MicroDroplet Tool Heated is a temperature-controlled dosing system enabling precision dosing of droplets in the range from 10 µL to 1000 µL.  The temperature of the syringe barrel can be adjusted from room temperature to +66 °C. MicroDroplet Tool Heated can be used to dispense various liquids, e.g., cell suspension, cell media, drugs, growth factors, crosslinking agents.

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MicroDroplet Tool Heated includes a heating jacket to heat the syringe barrel up to +66 °C at an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C. It permits the dosing of a wide range of liquid reagents with maximum precision. The dosing volume can be adjusted as a function of pressure and the opening time of the solenoid valve.


  • Precise microdroplets with a volume of 10–1000 µL, but can be used to dose up to 10 mL of liquid
  • Temperature-control of the syringe barrel from RT to +66 °C
  • Transparent Polycarbonate channel plate permits visual inspection of the channel
  • Equipped with a standard nozzle having an internal diameter of 0.32 mm and length of 30 mm
  • The small internal volume enables easy rinsing



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