Visco Tool Heated

The Visco Tool Heated print head enables a wide range of applications with nearly unlimited material range. It comes with a heating function enabling a constant temperature from RT to +66 °C . Precision technology makes it the best print head for one-component materials.

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Tried and tested endless piston principle with a rotating piston capable of extruding an exact volume of material. The temperature of the printable material can be adjusted from room temperature to +66 °C. Especially suitable for shear-sensitive fluids with high viscosity and fillers inside as the dosing principle enables gentle treatment due to the low shear stress and the low pressure. The printed product remains homogeneous due to compression-free conveyance. It can be used to print various viscous fluids and pastes, such as bioinks, silicone, acrylate, epoxy resin, light-curing adhesives, waxes, ceramics, and abrasive pastes.


  • Temperature control of the material throughout the print head and the syringe barrel from RT up to +66 °C
  • Uncomplicated bleeding process
  • Dosage independent of the material viscosity
  • For almost all viscous fluids and pastes
  • Compatible with various Luer-lock needles and nozzles, thread available on request


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