Brinter™ BioPrinting Software Process

Brinter™ bioprinters run off highly modified PetriPrinter bioprinting software. PetriPrinter is a g-code generator program which handles model files and aligns them into suitable positions for printing into culture dishes. The program encapsulates g-code commands into functions of C# or Python programming languages.


software model brinter petriprinter gcode bioprinting software

PetriPrinter can also utilize a database of cell biology models or experiments.

software model brinter petriprinter gcode bioprinting software

Brinter™ Controls

Control Brinter™ printers with highly modified Duet3D software from any web browser. The UI is perfect for desktop computers or mobile devices.

The adaptive UI changes based on the customized features for each Brinter™ bioprinter. You can reconfigure controls for any change to the printer, such as when adding extruders or heaters. The example below is for a printer with 2 extruders, each mounted on their own X axis.

duet3d bioprinting software

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